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Meten Holding Group Ltd. to Launch Housekeeping Training Courses in September 2022

SHENZHEN, China, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Meten Holding Group Ltd. ("Meten Holding Group" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: METX), an omnichannel training company headquartered in China providing language and workplace training services and actively developing metaverse, blockchain and cryptocurrency mining businesses, today announced that the Company plans to launch housekeeping training courses (the "Courses") in September 2022 to address the shortage of qualified personnel in the housekeeping service industry of China.

The Courses will be developed by professional teaching and research teams from universities in the Philippines and training institutions in Japan and well-known domestic teachers. The Courses will cover various subjects, such as career development, housekeeping, cooking, common diseases, dietary guidelines, professional storage training, and healthcare training. The Company will utilize an intelligent AI technology applied learning system to improve its closed-loop learning system. Unlike traditional courses, the learning system provides students an interactive learning experience to stimulate their interest in learning and enables the visualization of their learning outcomes.

In addition, the Courses are employment-oriented and designed to serve people who plan to become professional housekeepers of residential apartments, senior care institutions, hotels, and resorts. Through strategic cooperation with domestic housekeeping service providers, senior care companies, and top-tier hotels and resorts, the Company plans to provide employment opportunities for students with cooperative partners.

Mr. Alan Peng, Chief Executive Officer of Meten Holding Group commented: "Given the situation of the shortage of roughly 17 million workers in the housekeeping service industry in China, we have a high expectation for the Courses based on the market factors. First, the aging population and the low birth rate in China have led to the disappearance of the demographic dividend, and the situation of insufficient supply of labor in the housekeeping industry will remain the same. Second, we believe that AI and cutting-edge technology in the nursing industry has a broad space for development, leading to a significant increase in demand for knowledgeable and skilled housekeepers who can control and operate smart medical care facilities. Finally, enterprises have strict requirements for housekeeping employees' credit ratings, and the standardization process of the system in the housekeeping industry is rapidly evolving. Looking forward, we will be continuing to make our own contribution to adult vocational education and build up the future of the housekeeping training industry with our school-enterprise partners and our shareholders together."

About Meten Holding Group Ltd.

Meten Holding Group Ltd., formerly known as Meten EdtechX Education Group Ltd., is an omnichannel training company headquartered in China providing language and workplace training services. In addition to its training services, Meten Holding Group actively develops metaverse, blockchain and cryptocurrency mining businesses to align with its future business development strategy. Meten Holding Group is committed to developing blockchain related businesses in North America, including cryptocurrency mining, mining farm construction, and mining pool and data center operation. Meten Holding Group actively explores metaverse business, such as Metaverse vocational education courses, with its competitive advantages and technology.

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