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Corporate Profile

Introduction to BTC Digital Ltd.

BTC Digital Ltd.(formerly known as Meten Holding Group Ltd.) is a leading company that has undergone a transformative journey from being a prominent provider of English Language Teaching (ELT) services in China to emerging as a blockchain technology enterprise.

Originally, BTC Digital Ltd. held the distinguished position of being the top ELT service provider in China's adult general English training market, boasting extensive omni-channel (online + offline) distribution networks and robust digital integration capabilities. At its peak, the group generated nearly 2 billion Chinese Yuan in revenue. However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of regulatory policies in China led to a steep decline in business across the entire industry.

Since 2021, under the guidance of its founder, the company has proactively ventured into blockchain business amid various challenges. Gradually transitioning into a blockchain technology firm, BTC Digital Ltd. has aligned its long-term strategy towards creating value in the blockchain and cryptocurrency mining industry.

The company's primary focus lies in developing blockchain-related ventures in North America, encompassing cryptocurrency mining, mining facility construction, mining pool and data center operations, as well as mining equipment component businesses. With a forward-looking approach, BTC Digital Ltd. aims to leverage its expertise and resources to thrive in the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology and contribute to the evolution of the industry.