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Meten Holding Group Ltd. Announces introducing ChatGPT to its Under-Construction Web3 Education Platform

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Meten Holding Group Ltd. ("Meten Holding Group" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: METX), a leading technology-driven blockchain technology company, today announced that the Company intends to introduce ChatGPT to its under-construction Web 3 education platform .

We believe that ChatGPT has the potential to become a new engine for innovation and development in the education industry. 1) ChatGPT can take on information mining, material invocation, replication editing, and teaching evaluations at a high level, technically fulfilling personalized education needs with low marginal costs and high efficiency. 2) ChatGPT can nurture new forms and modes of education through supporting the multidimensional interaction and integration of digital content with the traditional education industry. 3) It will help the development of the education industry, provide quality content creation, integrate data services and application scenarios, and build a perfect closed loop for a new education ecology.

Relying on and benefiting from ChatGPT, the Company intends to launch interactive teaching courses simulating real human interaction on the under-construction Web3 platform. The Company believes that with the use of ChatGPT, the Company's operation costs associated with running this platform will be controlled at a reasonable level, while providing intelligently customized and personalized courses to customers, thereby satisfying customer demand and increasing customer loyalty. Customer feedback can also help with generating high-quality educational content. All of these components are expected to contribute to an innovative model of education.

About Meten Holding Group Ltd.

Meten Holding Group Ltd. is a blockchain technology company, with a long-term strategy to create value across the metaverse, blockchain and cryptocurrency mining industry.  The Company is committed to developing blockchain related businesses in North America, including cryptocurrency mining, mining farm construction, and mining pool and data center operation.

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